What We Do ?

Creating A Market For Products And Services Made By Differently Abled Individuals Either As A Group Under The Shelter Of An NGO Or As Individuals With Support From Parents To Enhance And Increase Their Earning Capacity Towards Self Sustenance

Methodology :

  • Network Marketing through an innovative scheme Called Friends Of G.O.D.S’
    (Groups Of Disabled).
  • Bulk Selling To Institutions, Corporate Clients Etc.
  • Distributors, Wholesellers And Retail Sellers
  • Spread Awareness : Aggressive awareness spreading action plan regarding the
    developed capabilities of Persons With Disabilities With Proper Therapy, Schooling And Training.
Reaching Out To Persons With Disabilities And Their Parents / Guardians Regarding The Need For Timely :
  • Professional Assessment
  • Therapy
  • Education
  • Training Prevocational & Vocational
  • Executive Development & Training
Explore All Other Avenues To Facilitate Them To Join The Mainstream
  • Voting Cards, Pan Cards, NIA Cards, Passports, Savings Avenues, Bank Accounts, Website for jobs Matrimony etc., Club Memberships Housing schemes, Insurance schemes for life health etc.

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