Creating A Market For Products And Services Made By Differently Abled Individuals Either As A Group Under The Shelter Of An NGO Or As Individuals With Support From Parents To Enhance And Increase Their Earning Capacity Towards Self Sustenance

  • Methodology :
    • Network Marketing through an innovative scheme Called Friends Of G.O.D.S'
         (Groups Of Disabled).

    • Bulk Selling To Institutions, Corporate Clients Etc.

    • Distributors, Wholesellers And Retail Sellers

    • Spread Awareness : Aggressive awareness spreading action plan regarding the
         developed capabilities of Persons With Disabilities With Proper Therapy, Schooling And Training.

  • Reaching Out To Persons With Disabilities And Their Parents / Guardians Regarding
       The Need For Timely :
    • Professional Assessment

    • Therapy

    • Education

    • Training Prevocational & Vocational

    • Executive Development & Training

  • Explore All Other Avenues To Facilitate Them To Join The Mainstream
    • Voting Cards, Pan Cards, NIA Cards, Passports, Savings Avenues, Bank Accounts,
         Website for jobs Matrimony etc., Club Memberships Housing schemes,
         Insurance schemes for life health etc.

    Cycling Therapy for Hands

    Exercise Cycling

    Group therapy on behaviour Modification

    Music and Dance Therapy

    Candle Making

    Chocolate Making

    Computer Training

    Folding Paper Bag

    Painting Training

    Painting Training

    Threading the Needle

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